Thrive through change
Mid-Career Transition

Mid-Career Transition

Is it time for a career change?  You’re at the midpoint of life; your first career leaves you bored, empty or worn out.  But how do you assess the options and determine a new path?  Midlife can be a time to realign work—paid or unpaid—with personal values, a chance to leave your mark on the world.

Career change is a scary business, fraught with obstacles—a resistant partner, financial concerns, fear of failure.  Where do you start?  What should you consider?  Fears have prevented many from reaching beyond their comfort zone, but the biggest rewards often come from taking some risk, otherwise, you may be filled with regret at the end of your life—and that prospect should help put steel in your spine.

Resist the urge to find a quick fix.  Give yourself enough time and energy to manage this transition.  I’ll ask the right questions, supporting you during the process, to enable you to find insight and inspiration.  We’ll also focus on identifying skills, setting goals and turning intention into action.

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