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My name is Kathy Knott.  I am a Counselling Psychologist keenly interested in people development.  I believe that change is a constant in our world, and our goal should be to ‘thrive through change’.

That is how PIVOT Psychology was born.  The triskelion in the logo, is a symbol with many meanings.  The one I love is the celtic meaning of ‘constant forward motion in the endeavour to reach understanding’ – hence my motto ‘thrive through change

I believe in person-centred empowering processes which drive individual initiative, leading to fulfilling relationships and a life filled with meaning.

The word pivot, on the other hand, is about – in the midst of this constant motion – to stop, think, reflect, look around, consider one’s options before making your next move – ensuring that it’s a considered, mindful and strategic step.

Also, to be the pivot of a situation means to be the centre, the core or heart of an issue – the raison d’être or reason for being.

I am excited to join people on their personal journey of discovery, helping them follow their unique path and encouraging them to explore unchartered territory.  I use a selection of relevant theories, techniques and tools to guide people through critical stages in their lives.

I have over a decade’s experience in the development and use of psychometric assessments and believe that, when chosen carefully and appropriately, these can have a very positive effect.  Helping people make the most of the decision-making that lies ahead of them.

On a personal note, I am a wife and mother of two gorgeous girls.

Through the years, I have collaborated with amazing colleagues on various projects, presented at national and international conferences and published a number of articles.  Some examples follow:

So please take the first step of making contact.  Who knows where it will take us…

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