Thrive through change

Individual Therapy

Embarking on a journey of discovery in therapy takes courage and a willingness to work hard to be able to lead one’s best life.  Therapy is the opportunity where you come with all that you know about yourself and we create a safe space together.  I will come with all I know and together we unpack the issue at hand in order to gain some perspective, insights, solutions or relief.

Individual therapy can be a long or short journey, depending on the individual and the problem at hand. Although the aim of therapy is to achieve a better-balanced outlook on life, and in doing so hopefully a sense of happiness or contentment: therapy can sometimes be challenging and uncomfortable. However, it is usually through the difficult times in our lives that we realise our own resilience and strengths.

Individual therapy is aimed at assisting a client to move away from emotional, spiritual and cognitive distress related to the experience of:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • relationship difficulties
  • purposelessness
  • life stage transitions
  • family problems

and towards emotional and mental well-being experienced as:

  • happiness
  • achievement & fulfilment
  • harmony
  • energy
  • personal integration
  • wholeness
  • career satisfaction
  • mutually reciprocated interpersonal relationships

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