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Couple Counselling

Working with couples, means working with each individual’s range of experiences and perspectives as well as the shared experiences they have had as a couple.

Couples therapy can create a safe and contained space where the couple can explore what they know about themselves in front of their partners, with the aim of creating better understanding of each other, their needs and dreams. The space can also be used to better understand the patterns that exist in the relationship; a better understanding can include knowing how and why these patterns formed but can also be about developing better, more effective patterns for the future.

Couples counselling usually takes place when a relationship is in trouble, but it can also be a place where a strong relationship can be made stronger through a better shared understanding of goals and dreams for the future, as well as a keen understanding of each other’s needs.

  • Couples Therapy / Marriage Therapy
  • Marriage Enrichment
  • Premarital Counselling
  • Re-marriage counselling