Thrive through change

Corporate Programmes

People are at the heart and soul of each organisation.  Use psychology to better understand your staff, teams and company dynamics. This will allow for growth, development and sustainability of the organisation as a whole, and the individuals within it.  I offer a variety of services which are tailor made to respond to the unique needs of your company or organisation.  These services include: psychometric assessment, facilitated workshops, recruitment assistance, role profiling and developmental plans.

  • Psychometric assessment
    Psychometric assessments are used to provide valid and reliable data to support many organisational processes – from recruitment to onboarding, and from talent management to career transition. With a decade’s experience working for one of South Africa’s largest psychometric test distributor, I feel that assessments can add immense value if used correctly.  Constructs commonly assessed include personality, values, leadership style, conflict style, emotional intelligence, aptitude, skills, strengths and areas for development etc.
  • Facilitated workshops
    Workshops are beneficial as they facilitate learning and growth. They can be educational, training related or developed to enhance team dynamics. In the workplace, workshops are developed to address a specific need, it could be to harness a better awareness of employee related issues, to create a better working environment or to enhance team development.   The following are examples of facilitated workshops:

    • Personality at work – building effective teams
    • Leveraging the gifts of conflict in the workplace
    • Burnout: How to cope effectively with stress
    • Improve your communication and problem-solving
    • Hit your sales targets by knowing your style and your client
    • Entrepreneurship – what type of entrepreneur are you?
  • Recruitment assistance, role profiling and developmental plans
    I work closely with HR professionals to support their talent management processes – understanding the positions available, finding the right person for the job and then designing a personal development plan that will identify and drive opportunities for continued growth. Psychometric assessments prove invaluable in these formal settings and assessments used are culture fair and of the highest standard.

Please contact me to discuss your organisational needs and how I might be of assistance.