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July 2020

The three secrets of resilient people

July 2020

The three secrets of resilient people

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Lucy Hone

Dr Lucy Hone is a resilience expert who gives a powerful and courageous talk, sharing three strategies that got her through an unimaginable tragedy⁠—and offers a profound insight on human suffering.  In a time where we may be faced, or currently facing, grief – Lucy shows a path through the pain.  Her talk really resonated with me on a deep level, and I hope you will find it equally meaningful and useful.

For those wanting to revisit her three strategies:

  1. 7:10 – acceptance/acknowledgement of situation as part of life
  2. 8:18 – selective attention (focus on things you can change/ on positive things, e.g. name three things you are/were grateful for)
  3. 12:20 – “is what you are doing helping or harming you?” (control over situation/ be kind to yourself)

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