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Aug 2021

Name it to Tame it

Name it to Tame it

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Dr Dan Siegel

Dan Siegel is one of my gurus.  I love his work and I especially love how he makes complicated neuroscience accessible and understandable to us all.

In this short video he shares two steps to help us help someone (child or adult) who is experiencing intense emotions. Using his ‘handy brain model’ he explains how we must first

  1. ‘Connect and redirect’ and then
  2. ‘Name it to tame it’.

Dan explains how this process is working at a biological level by “squirting soothing neurotransmitters” in the brain.  So when your ‘downstairs brain’ is feeling overwhelmed, anxious or fearful, use your ‘upstairs brain’ to calm it down.  Such an important life hack for us all to know and use – especially during these challenging times.


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